Welcome to my electronic portfolio! I am a Technology and Systems Design, Implementation, and Support expert with over 20 years of experience leading technology development and support efforts for corporate and government clients. Creative IT strategist who designs and implements error-free, mission-critical systems meeting and exceeding customer requirements. Results-oriented leader who increases revenue by implementing marketing and service plans, and improves productivity by innovating time-saving automation technologies.

My career in computing started with DOS, Windows 3.1, and Novell network server. In the years since I have installed, maintained, and done troubleshooting of various Linux, MAC, and Unix workstations, laptops, and servers.

Currently, I am a full time Technology Designer at KJWW, serve clients IT support needs in nine states, and I am enrolled full time at The Pennsylvania State University. I am a distance student, taking all of my classes through the World Campus. I am planning to complete concurrent Baccalaureate degrees in Information Sciences and Technology and also Security and Risk Analysis with a minor in Criminal Justice. I was elected as the President of the World Campus Chapter of the Blue and White Society in June. I transitioned from President-elect to President on the First of July. I have been on the Dean’s List every semester.

I started pursuing my education so that I may access larger and more complex challenges. My educational goal is to continue into a Master of Science in System Engineering program at on ABET accredited school.

In my personal time, I enjoy bicycling and repairing mechanical things, like cars and small engines. I am an avid home chef. My wife and I have four Belgian Malinois dogs. We do a variety of dog sports and work with our dogs. Here is a link to an informative video about Belgian Malinois; Animal Planet video about Malinois.


My favorite classes so far have Criminal Justice 100 with Dr. Hummer and a Programming class.

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Link to KJWW: www.kjww.com